pyuv 0.8.0 released!

Yesterday NodeJS 0.8.0 was released, and libuv got its dedicated branch for maintenance of the 0.8.X version cycle. Since pyuv now implements all the features offered by libuv I chose to follow the same path and branch out pyuv 0.8.0.

From now on pyuv’s v0.8 branch will only get bugfixes from the corresponding libuv branch. pyuv’s master branch will use libuv master and have version number 0.9.0-dev, there will not be a release of that branch soon, I guess.

So, what’s new on pyuv 0.8.0 then?

  • FSPoll handle, for polling for file changes using the stat syscall
  • Several fixes in the fs module for Windows
  • Bugfixes that came with libuv

For version 0.9, apart from following libuv’s development I have plans to make the following changes:

  • Move the getaddrinfo function to the util module
  • Overhaul the dns module, provide a raw wrapper on top of c-ares
    instead of exposing a complete DNS resolver (I’ll cover this in a
    future blog post, when I approach the implementation)

Last but not least, I’d like to thank again the NodeJS and libuv developers, they are really doing a great job!


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