OpenHRC 1.0.0 released!

Last weekend, while at FOSDEM, we released OpenHRC 1.0.0. It’s a nice and round number, but (hopefully) we’re just getting started.

The Open Home Router Contraption (OpenHRC) is an Ansible playbook to automate the configuration of a OpenBSD based home router with the most commonly used services plus some extras:

  • DHCP
  • NTP
  • Local caching and validating DNS resolver
  • Authoritative DNS server for a configurable zone
  • Firewall
  • UPnP
  • DDNS

On this release we focused on getting all core services working together nicely. Next up is IPv6 support top to bottom. Stay tuned!

OpenHRC is brought to you by ioc32 and yours truly.

Announcing the Open Household Router Contraption

It’s with great pleasure that today, the day when OpenBSD 5.7 was released, I can announce OpenHRC: Open Household Router Contraption.

OpenHRC is a project IƱigo and yours truly did in our spare time, in order to replace the (crappy) router our Internet provider gave us with something more robust and OpenBSD based.

We chose the PC Engines APU as our hardware platform, but any device with at least 2 network interfaces will do. OpenHRC uses Ansible to configure the basic OpenBSD installation and enable several services, configured with sane defaults:

  • Local NTP server
  • DHCP server
  • Firewall
  • Local caching DNS resolver

This is just the beginning, we will be adding more features shortly, but we couldn’t pass on making our first release the same day OpenBSD 5.7 (which we have been testing for some time) is released.

Check out the installation video below, and head over to GitHub for the source code. Happy routing!