FOSDEM aftermath

It’s been a week since FOSDEM, time to reflect.

It was my 6th FOSDEM, and I loved it since the first time I attended. So many geeks per square metre, so many interesting talks, so much swag one can buy, … what’s there not to like?!

This year was slightly different, however: I was part of the team who organized the Real Time devroom. That was a first, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I spent the entire day coordinating the devroom, making sure speakers had everything they needed and that talks where smooth and on schedule.

At the end of the day I was exhausted, but overjoyed that everything went well. We have room for improvement next year, but it won’t be our first, so we’ll at least have that!

Since I was the one present in the devroom, many people gave me feedback on our work. All positive! While I was the one representing the organizers, it was a team effort: Daniel Pocock, Ralph Meijer and Iain Learmonth were also part of the team, huge shoutout to them!

After being involved in organizing a single devroom I can only imagine how complicated it must be to get the entire event going, so I’d like to thank everyone involved in making FOSDEM happen each and every year. So much love, see you next year!