uvent: a gevent core implemented using libuv

After working on it on-and-off for a few weeks today I’m open sourcing uvent. uvent is a gevent core implementation using libuv.

I’ve written about libuv earlier in this blog, but to put it shortly: libuv is the new black. Specially when we are talking about asynchronous IO.

uvent is still experimental, but results are encouraging, not all tests are failing! :–) I think libuv is the perfect match for a library such as gevent, we’ll see where this goes.

The code can be checked out here and for those who want to know the scary details I wrote a short document with some notes here

Hope you like it!


2 thoughts on “uvent: a gevent core implemented using libuv

  1. Two questions, please:1) Is it possible to implement libev on top of libuv with uvent as abstraction layer between them?2) Does it work in Firefox? I need it for a project (an already sold project).THANKS!

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