txiki.js 23.10.0 released!

txiki.js is a small and powerful JavaScript runtime. It targets ECMAScript 2020 and implements many web platform features.

It’s built on the shoulders of giants: it uses QuickJS as its JavaScript engine, libuv as the platform layer, wasm3 as the WebAssembly engine and curl as the HTTP / WebSocket client.

After a few months of hiatus I’m happy to announce a new txiki.js release: 23.10.0, and it’s a good one!

This new release is packed with new features:

  • Faster startup time
  • New fs features
  • SQLite builtin module
  • Storage web APIs support
  • curl integration fixes
  • Added import.meta.path
  • Better CLI errors
  • Improved types documentation

Check the full changelog here!

This release is particularly exciting because I’ve been looking forward to integrating SQLite support for a while. I started implementing the Storage API support thinking I’d use a file for persistence, but at one point I thought I’d use a SQLite databse instead, so I went for it!

There is likely stuff to be improved specially in this new builtin, the SQLite module, but I’m happy it’s in now!

The last release was over 6 months ago, so please do check the full changelog, I almost didn’t remember all the things that were added in the months past…

Thinking ahead, it might be time to start bringing in Mbed TLS support. Maybe just hasing at first, then TLS sockets, then WebCrypto. Step by step…

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