FOSDEM: awesomeness^3

It has been a very long weekend, I’m writing this on the train while traveling back from FOSDEM. I knew the event was big, but I couldn’t imagine it was that big.

Everything was so perfect: the talks, the speakers, the facilities, the connection, … Specially the connection. On conferences usually network sucks because the access points can’t cope with the load or there is not enough bandwidth for everyone… who know. This was not the case at FOSDEM. Every device got a public IPv4 address and also a IPv6 one. We did simple test and downloaded 10GB from a FTP server. It took 2 minutes.

I was lucky and got the opportunity to give a talk in the Open Source Telephony Devroom about SIPSIMPLE SDK the SIP library we develop at work

The talk went through the implementation of different server applications for SylkServer a SIP application server we recently launched. Simple SIP client examples were also shown. The presentation is available for viewing and downloading here:

[slideshare id=6830569&doc=developingrichsipapplicationswithsipsimple-110206091415-phpapp02]

The code examples used for the presentation can be downloaded from my GitHub repository.

Once more, kudos to the organization os FOSDEM, it was a really great event, I would definitely recommend it to anyone. Hope to be there again next year!