pyuv: Python bindings for libuv

After working on this on-and-of on my free time I’m happy to share it. pyuv is a Python interface to libuv, a high-performance, portable library for asynchronous network communications and more. libuv is the platform layer for the well known NodeJS.

pyuv implements the following features:

  • Asynchronous TCP
  • UDP
  • Named pipes
  • Asynchronous DNS resolver
  • Timers
  • Running operations in a ThreadPool
  • Async handle
  • Prepare, idle and check handles
  • Signal handle
  • System memory information
  • System load information
  • Getting executable path
  • Asynchronous filesystem operations (stat, lstat)

libuv implements more features, which I plan to implement as time allows. In the meanwhile grab the source and have a look at the examples on the GitHub repository.

Documentation is available through ReadTheDocs here.

Hope you like it! :–)


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