pyuv 0.2.0 released

It’s been a while since I released pyuv. In this time the libuv guys have been really busy adding lots of cool stuff and with this release pyuv now wraps most parts of libuv. Here is a short changelog highlighting the important additions:

  • Made the default loop a singleton
  • Added TTY handle
  • Moved all exception definitions to a standalone file
  • Added set_membership function to UDP handle
  • Added ability to write a list of strings to IOStream objects
  • Added ability to send lists of strings on UDP handles
  • Added open function to Pipe handle
  • Added Process handle
  • Added ‘data’ attribute to all handles for storing arbitrary objects
  • Refactored ThreadPool
  • Implemented pending_instances function on Pipe handle
  • Implemented nodelay, keepalive and simultaneous_accepts functions
    on TCP handle
  • Added ‘counters’ attribute to Loop
  • Added ‘poll’ function to Loop
  • Added new functions to fs module: unlink, mkdir, rmdir, rename,
    chmod, fchmod, link, symlink, readlink, chown, fchown, fstat
  • Added new functions to util module: uptime, get_process_title,
    set_process_title, resident_set_size, interface_addresses, cpu_info

For the next release I plan to add the missing functions for asynchronous filesystem operations and work on Windows support (I even got a pull request to start with, yay!). Stay tuned!

Check it out!



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